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The Best Whiffenpoofs Ever! (2010)

Update December 2014: We are now SOLD OUT of physical copies of this album. Please purchase digital copies using the link below.

Teaming up with a cappella guru Ed Boyer, the Whiffenpoofs of 2010 bring you this bright, exciting new album. With 10 BRAND NEW arrangements, as well as a handful of old Whiff favorites, this album marks the start of a new age in Whiffenpoofdom. Bring on the second century!

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Musical Director: Keiji Ishiguri

Business Manager: Michael Lavigne

Track List

  1. Nature Boy (Ahbez, arr. Ishiguri '10)
       solo: Dill
  2. Haven't Met You Yet (Bublé; arr. Ishiguri, Mulligan '10)
       solo: Ishiguri, backup: Hudson
  3. Rainbow Connection (Williams, Ascher; arr. Ishiguri '10)
       solo: Bolen
  4. Midnight Train to Georgia (Weatherly; arr. Pritchard '86)
       solo: Levin, trio: Mulligan, Bolen, Ishiguri
  5. Take Five (Brubeck; arr. Ishiguri '10)
       solo: Quam
  6. Down By the Salley Gardens (Yeats; arr. Kelley '86)
       solo: Gogel
  7. Too Darn Hot (Porter '13; arr. Prestley '77)
       solo: Fischbeck
  8. If I Could Build My Whole World Around You (Gaye; arr. Gogel '10)
       solo: Hudson
  9. Leavin' On a Jet Plane (Denver; arr. Ishiguri '10)
       solo: Lavigne, backup: Gogel, Hafer
  10. September Song (Weill, Anderson; arr. Heath '50)
  11. Re: Your Brains (Coulton '93; arr. Ishiguri, Lieblich '10)
       solo: Lieblich, trio: Levin, Bolen, Fischbeck, featuring the Elm City Girls' Choir
  12. When Sunny Gets Blue (Segal, Fisher; arr. Girdler '61)
       solo: Hafer
  13. Ponta de Areia (Nascimento, Spalding; arr. Mulligan '10)
       solo: Mulligan
  14. New Hymn (Taylor; arr. Dodes '95)
       solo: Janer
  15. When the Saints Go Marchin' In (arr. Lieblich, Ishiguri '10)
       solos: Quam, Hillier, Lieblich, Bolen
  16. Whiffenpoof Song (Minnegerode, Pomeroy '10)
  17. Operator (Spivery; arr. Ishiguri '10)
       solo: Hillier, backup: Dill, Janer