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Whiffs in Space! (2007)

With Whiffs in Space, the future is now. Making use of the best modern recording techniques, this 2007 album propelled the Whiffenpoofs into a new millenium of a cappella music.

USD 20




Musical Director: Nathan Reiff

Business Manager: Mark Whittman

Track List

  1. Aj, Lucka, Lucka, Siroka
    (Bohemian Marching Song; arr. Bartholomew) Helan Gar (Swedish Drinking Song)
  2. Little Pony
    (Basie/Hendricks; arr. Rosenblum '75)
    solo: Reiff
  3. New Hymn
    (Taylor, arr. Dodes '95)
    solo: Davis trio: Osowski, Havel
  4. On Broadway
    (Mann/Weill/Leiber/Stoller, arr. Rosenblum '75)
    solo: Thunell
  5. Something Like the Blues
    (Jeffries '87)
    solo: Mitchell
  6. Steppin' Out With My Baby
    (Berlin, arr. Maryl '00)
    solo: Wiener
  7. Stay
    (Avenue X; trans. Carpman '06)
    solo: Baker
  8. Waiting in Vain
    (Marley/Lennox, arr. Kim '04)
    solo: Osowski
  9. Sweet Baby James
    (Taylor, arr. Reiff '07)
    solo: Havel
  10. Time After Time
    (Birge '68)
  11. Bye Bye Blackbird
    (Henderson/Dixon, arr. Murabayashi '94)
    solo: McIntosh duet: Retzloff
  12. Down By the Salley Gardens
    (Hughes/Yeats, arr. Kelley '86)
    solo: Retzloff
  13. Who Loves the Sun
    (Reed, arr. Schwede '07)
    solo: Schwede
  14. Deep River
    (Traditional, arr. Dennis '88 and Tang '88)
    solo: Wittman
  15. Midnight Train to Georgia
    (Weatherly, arr. Pritchard '86)
    solo: Min trio: Mitchell, Thunell, Reiff
  16. The Whiffenpoof Song
    (Kipling/Galloway/Minegrode '10/Pomeroy '10)