To Be Young and in Glove (2014)

To Be Young and in Glove (2014)

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Music Director: Benji Goldsmith
Album Producer: Dan Stein


  1. If I Had a Hammer (Pete Seeger, arr. Barnett)
    solo: Barnett

  2. If it Hadn't Been for Love (The Steeldrivers, arr. Barnett/Dresser/Goldsmith)
    solo: Dresser

  3. When You Wish Upon a Star (Harline & Washington, arr. Dolquist)
    solo: Dolquist

  4. Heart in a Cage (The Strokes/Chris Thile, arr. Begley '11)
    solo: Youssef

  5. Skinny Love (Bon Iver, arr. Lloyd ’12)
    solo: Eames-Scott

  6. Ride the Chariot (trad. Yale, arr. Smith)
    solo: Buechler & Lewis

  7. The Hills of Shiloh (Silverstein/Bud & Travis, arr. Barnett)
    solo: Goldsmith

  8. The Man in Me (Bob Dylan, arr. Barnett)
    solo: Buechler

  9. What's Love Got to Do With it (Tina Turner, arr. Ratner)
    solo: Ratner

  10. I'm Gonna Find Another You (John Mayer, arr. Wexler '11)
    solo: Silver

  11. House of the Rising Sun (The Animals, arr. Ishiguri '10)
    solo: Trapani

  12. Till There Was You (Meredith Wilson, arr. Barnett)
    solo: Maas

  13. Desperado (The Eagles, arr. Goldsmith)
    solo: Stein

  14. All in Love is Fair (Stevie Wonder, arr. Wexler '11)
    solo: Lewis

  15. Down by the Salley Gardens (trad. Irish, arr. Kelley '86)
    solo: Ward

  16. Steppin' to the Bad Side (Eyen & Krieger, arr. Goldsmith)
    solo: The Whiffs of 2014

  17. Whiffenpoof Song (arr. Kipling & Galloway & Minnegerode & Pomeroy 1910)