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Recent News


Announcing: The Whiffenpoofs of 2015!

DJ "Pitchpipe" Stanfill
Jackson "Oh thay can you" Thea
Justin "eats his" Young
Ian "Who Wants To Be A" Miller
Daniel "Only forest fires can prevent" Yu
Jake "Vincent" van Leer
Kyle "Little Bo" Picha
Jeremy "Oh my gawd, dzid you write the Iliad? I LOVED" Zitomer
Elliah "Skinny Jeans? Make sure the t" Heifetz
Tim "ba" Lind
Derwin "Release the kr" Aikens
Brandon "Que Sherrod" Sherrod
Jamie "Come taste the smörgasbogyo in my Winne" Bogyo
Ehrik "Popocatepetl" Aldana

Congratulations are in order for these 14 gentlemen. After their first concert together at Dwight Chapel on April 29th, the group will go on hiatus until late August when they will formally inherit the name Whiffenpoofs! Look for them performing next fall!



World Tour, Coming Soon

This summer, we'll travel to over twenty countries on our world tour. For enquiries about performances in a specific region, you can contact the relevant tour manager listed below. Dates are subject to change, and we'll continue to update the schedule (found on our Performances page) as we confirm our itinerary. 

May 23 - May 26, 2014: Dublin, Ireland – Nathaniel Dolquist 
May 26 - May 28, 2014: London, UK – Nathaniel Dolquist
May 28 - May 30, 2014: Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Ben Lewis
May 30 - June 1, 2014: Bergen, Norway – Ben Lewis
June 1 - June 4, 2014: Paris, France – Ben Lewis
June 4 - June 7, 2014: Fez, Morocco – Sharif Youssef
June 7 - June 10, 2014: Rome, Italy – Ben Lewis
June 10 - June 12, 2014: Budapest, Hungary – Ben Lewis
June 12 - June 14, 2014: Vienna, Austria – Ben Lewis
June 14 - June 16, 2014: Dubrovnik, Croatia – Ben Lewis
June 16 - June 18, 2014: Palermo, Sicily – Ben Lewis
June 18 - June 21, 2014: Istanbul, Turkey – Sharif Youssef
June 21 - June 25, 2014: Tel Aviv & Jerusalem, Israel – Alex Ratner
July 2 - July 5, 2014: Nairobi, Kenya – Alex Ratner
July 5 - July 8, 2014: Tanzania – Alex Ratner
July 8 - July 12, 2014: Cape Town, South Africa – Alex Ratner
July 12 - July 15, 2014: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Sharif Youssef
July 15 - July 17, 2014: Kathmandu, Nepal – Dan Stein
July 17 - July 19, 2014: Goa, India – Dan Stein

July 19 - July 22, 2014: New Delhi, India – Dan Stein
July 22 - July 24, 2014: Hanoi, Vietnam – Dan Stein
July 24 - July 28, 2014: Siem Reap, Cambodia – Nathaniel Dolquist
July 28 - July 29, 2014: Jakarta, Indonesia – Dan Stein 
July 29 - August 3, 2014: Hong Kong  – Nick Maas
August 3 - August 8, 2014: Japan – Nick Maas
August 8 - August 10, 2014: Bali, Indonesia – Dan Stein
August 10 - August 12, 2014: Singapore – Dan Stein
August 12 - August 14, 2014: Sydney, Australia – Bobby Dresser
August 14 - August 17, 2014: Melbourne, Australia – Bobby Dresser
August 17 - August 20, 2014: Queenstown, New Zealand – Bobby Dresser
August 21, 2014: New Haven, Connecticut


The Whiffs on Spring Tour

For the month of March, we've fled New Haven for the hemisphere's warmer parts. Thanks to everyone who came to see us in Jackson and Natchez, Mississippi; in New Orleans, in Homestead, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, Jupiter Island, and Vero Beach, FL; and in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Bryan, Texas. 

The rest of our Spring Tour takes us to South America! The fourteen of us trekked from Cusco, Peru to the ruins of Machu Picchu in the Andes — stay tuned to our Facebook or Twitter for pictures. Our last week is spent in Rio de Janiero before we head back to New Haven. Até breve and happy spring!


Happy New Year!

Here's to New Years in Las Vegas! The Whiffenpoofs are avoiding the cold New Haven weather on a 2.5-week winter tour to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Diego from December 31 - January 16. We've got three public concerts in southern California so make sure you don't miss us! Check out the details on our Performances page!


The Whiffenpoofs of 2014

Newly arrived in Wayland, Massachusetts for our summer retreat, the Whiffenpoofs of 2014 are thrilled to begin making music together! We are currently in the process of updating the site for the new year of gentlemen songsters, but check back in the next few weeks to read about our new members and our travel plans this year. We look forward to seeing you at Mory's or wherever you are around the world! 

Don't forget to keep up with us on Twitter (@Whiffenpoofs) and Facebook


And we're off!

The Whiffenpoofs of 2013 have left on their annual World Tour, this time traveling in an easterly direction. Follow our epic 86-day, 25-nation tour on facebook and/or twitter. If you're missing us too much, buy our new album, Flight of the Penguins. We'll see you in the fall when we're back in the States, and catch us at one of our tour stops by looking at our full tour itinerary below:
World Tour:
Rejkjavik, Iceland: May 22-24
Bergen, Norway: May 24-27
London, England: May 27-29
Amsterdam, Netherlands: May 29-June 1
Berlin, Germany: June 1-3
Dubrovnik, Croatia: June 3-5
Paris, France: June 5-8
Le Mans, France: June 8-10
Geneva, Switzerland: June 10-13
Rome, Italy: June 13-17
Tel Aviv, Israel: June 17-20
Jerusalem, Israel: June 20-22
Amman, Jordan: June 22-23
Cairo, Egypt: June 23-24
Athens, Greece: June 24-June 26
World Tour "Break": June 26 to July 1
Istanbul, Turkey: July 1-3
Dubai, UAE: July 3-5
Nairobi, Kenya: July 5-8
the Masai Mara, Kenya: July 8-11
Antananarivo, Madagascar: July 11-14
Cape Town, South Africa: July 14-18
Bangkok, Thailand: July 18-22
Siem Reap, Cambodia: July 22-25
Tokyo, Japan: July 25-August 1
Singapore: August 1-3
Bali (Denpasar), Indonesia: August 3-7
Melbourne, Australia: August 7-11
Queenstown, New Zealand: August 11-14
Auckland, New Zealand: August 14-16



PRESS RELEASE: We've been keeping a secret!

Over the years, the Whiffenpoofs have been invited to feature on a variety of television programs, including The West Wing, Saturday Night Live, Jeopardy!, Gilmore Girls, and The Sing-Off.

Now, we are honored to announce that the popular and award-winning show Glee will join this list! Please tune in on May 9th at 9pm on Fox to watch the Whiffenpoofs of 2013 make a cameo appearance on the season finale of Glee!

You can catch the rest of the song we sing in the episode – in addition to a number of other wonderful tracks – on our CD, entitled Flight of the Penguins, which you can now pre-order here. The CD features the entirety of the Whiffenpoofs of 2013 and will be shipped to you within a few weeks.

Last but not least, don't miss your last chance see the Whiffs live in the United States before they begin their tour of the world. On May 12 in New York City at 5:00pm, The Whiffs will perform at Unitarian Church of All Souls (1157 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY). Tickets can be found here. We hope to see you there!


The Whiffs of 2013 proudly present: Flight of the Penguins


The Whiffenpoofs of 2013 are proud to release the Whiffs' most exciting album yet, Flight of the Penguins. The album has been recorded and is in its final stages of production today, and you can order it in advance right here on our website. On this album, you will find some of the Whiffs' greatest classics as well as 6 brand new arrangements, written by Whiffenpoofs past, present, and future.

Orders are open now and will ship by May 21st. Click the links below to order!

Commencement Concert Tickets Now Available!

In our most anticipated concert of the year, on May 19, the Whiffenpoofs will join sister ensemble Whim 'n Rhythm in celebrating the Yale College class of 2013! This tradition marks the final on-campus concert performed by the Whiffenpoofs of 2013 and is an integral part of the Yale College Commencement. Tickets are available here - they always sell rapidly, so we recommend obtaining yours at your earliest convenience.


Announcing: The Whiffenpoofs of 2014!

Benji "Pitchpipe" Goldsmith
Bobby "Double your pleasure - undress 'im, un" Dresser
Nick "Por favor, no" Maas
Nate "Can't play vorreybar without a vorrey" Barnett
Nimal "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dr" Eames-Scott
Connor "Ferris" Buechler
Ike "Hi Ho" Silver
Alex "Dyslexic business p" Ratner
Nathaniel "Supercalifragilisticexpiali" Dolquist
Ben "Meet me in St." Lewis
Sharif "Check Youssef before you wreck" Youssef
Mark "Kama Su" Trapani
Dan "Gertrude" Stein
Brady "Popocatepetl" Ward


After their first concert together at Sterling Memorial Library, the group will go on hiatus until late August when they will formally inherit the group!  Congratulations!