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NEW! To Be Young and In Glove (2014)

The Whiffs of 2014 are proud and excited to announce the long-awaited arrival of their heart-warming, convention-defying, bold new album: To Be Young and in Glove. With eleven brand new arrangements and solos by each of our fourteen members, this record is one for the history books. 

USD 20 (plus $3.50 S&H, or $3 online processing fee)

Orders are open now! Follow the links below to order:

Download the album on Bandcamp

Music Director: Benji Goldsmith
Album Producer: Dan Stein


  1. If I Had a Hammer (Pete Seeger, arr. Barnett)
    solo: Barnett
  2. If it Hadn't Been for Love (The Steeldrivers, arr. Barnett/Dresser/Goldsmith)
    solo: Dresser
  3. When You Wish Upon a Star (Harline & Washington, arr. Dolquist)
    solo: Dolquist
  4. Heart in a Cage (The Strokes/Chris Thile, arr. Begley '11)
    solo: Youssef
  5. Skinny Love (Bon Iver, arr. Lloyd ’12)
    solo: Eames-Scott
  6. Ride the Chariot (trad. Yale, arr. Smith)
    solo: Buechler & Lewis
  7. The Hills of Shiloh (Silverstein/Bud & Travis, arr. Barnett)
    solo: Goldsmith
  8. The Man in Me (Bob Dylan, arr. Barnett)
    solo: Buechler
  9. What's Love Got to Do With it (Tina Turner, arr. Ratner)
    solo: Ratner
  10. I'm Gonna Find Another You (John Mayer, arr. Wexler '11)
    solo: Silver
  11. House of the Rising Sun (The Animals, arr. Ishiguri '10)
    solo: Trapani
  12. Till There Was You (Meredith Wilson, arr. Barnett)
    solo: Maas
  13. Desperado (The Eagles, arr. Goldsmith)
    solo: Stein
  14. All in Love is Fair (Stevie Wonder, arr. Wexler '11)
    solo: Lewis
  15. Down by the Salley Gardens (trad. Irish, arr. Kelley '86)
    solo: Ward
  16. Steppin' to the Bad Side (Eyen & Krieger, arr. Goldsmith)
    solo: The Whiffs of 2014
  17. Whiffenpoof Song (arr. Kipling & Galloway & Minnegerode & Pomeroy 1910)

Flight of the Penguins (2013)

2013’s frequent-flying, tuxedo-sporting, nature-defying Whiffs are proud to bring you the Whiffenpoofs’ most exciting album yet: Flight of the Penguins. Check out the track listing for 6 brand new arrangements written by Whiffenpoofs past, present, and future.
USD 20

Orders are open now and will ship by May 21st. Click the links below to order! 

Music Director: Andy Berry
Album Producer: Dan Reardon
Album Art: McKay Nield


  1. Operator (Spivery; arr. Ishiguri '10)
    solo: Young
  2. Too Darn Hot (Porter '13; arr. Prestley '77)
    solo: Henke 
  3. Midnight Train to Georgia (Weatherly; arr. Pritchard '86)
    solo: Travis 
  4. Crazy (Nelson; arr. Berry '13)
    solo: Berry 
  5. Got to Get You into My Life (McCartney; arr. Wexler '11)
    solo: Gottfried 
  6. Rainbow Connection (Williams & Ascher; arr. Ishiguri '10)
    solo: Levin 
  7. Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me (John & Taupin; arr. Goldsmith ’14)
    solo: Hayse 
  8. I Only Have Eyes for You (Warren & Dubin; arr. Wexler '11)
    solo: Reardon 
  9. Nature Boy (Ahbez; arr. Ishiguri '10)
    solo: De Freitas 
  10. New Hymn (Taylor & Price; arr. Dodes '95)
    solo: Hendler 
  11. Me and Mrs. Jones (Gamble, Huff, & Gilbert; arr. Protacio '13)
    solo: Protacio 
  12. Down by the Salley Gardens (Traditional; arr. Kelley '86)
    solo: Klavan 
  13. Is There Anyone out There? (Hölljes & Hölljes; arr. Wexler '11)
    solo: Nield 
  14. Killing Me Softly (Fox & Gimbel; arr. Goldsmith ’14)
    solo: Caron 
  15. The Whiffenpoof Song (Minnegerode, Pomeroy 1910)
    solo: Reardon, Hayse

Who's Stopping Us? (2012)

At last, the unstoppable Whiffenpoofs of 2012 announce the release of their show-stopping album: Who's Stopping Us? 

Order below to bring the music of the Whiffs of 2012 into your home!

Musical Director: Benjamin Watsky

Business Manager: Alexander Oki

Track List

  1. Ride the Chariot (Yale Trad.)
       solo: Medero
  2. You Are the Sunshine of My Life (Wonder/Sinatra; arr. Watsky '12)
       solo: Shimer
  3. The Rest (Lloyd/Shapiro)
       solo: Lloyd '12
  4. Midnight Train to Georgia (Weatherly; arr. Pritchard '86)
       solo: Watsky, trio: Blume, Mitchell-Larson, Yi
  5. New Hymn (Taylor/Price; arr. Dodes '95)
       solo: O'Reilly
  6. Bye Bye Blackbird (Dixon/Henderson; arr. Murabayashi '94)
       solo: Kawash
  7. Hallelujah (Cohen; arr. Blume '12)
       solo: Rutan
  8. Shake It Out (Welch/Epworth; arr. Fayette '12)
       solo: Fayette
  9. She Moved Through the Fair (Trad. Irish; arr. Watsky '12)
       solo: Oki
  10. Leave Get Out (Soulshock/Karlin/Cantrell/White; arr. Watsky '12/Lloyd '12)
       solo: Yi
  11. When Sunny Gets Blue (Segal/Fisher; arr. Girdler '61)
       solo: Mitchell-Larson
  12. Call Your Girlfriend (Robyn; arr. Watsky '12/Lloyd '12)
       solo: Martinez
  13. Skinny Love (Vernon; arr. Lloyd '12)
       solo: Lloyd
  14. Down By the Salley Gardens (Yeats; arr. Kelley '86)
       solo: Shapiro
  15. Operator (Spivery; arr. Ishiguri '10)
       solos: Blume; trio: Medero, Rutan
  16. Whiffenpoof Song (Minnegerode, Pomeroy '10)  (recorded live at Family Weekend 2011)

The Invention of A Cappella and Other Modest Accomplishments (2011)

Fresh from NBC's "The Sing-Off," the Whiffenpoofs are proud to present their newest CD. With 11 new arrangements, this is the Whiffenpoofs like you've never heard them before.

For the first time in Whiffenpoof history, we are offering our album as a digital download, available through  Due to the generosity of our fans, we are pleased to offer the digital album for only $8. If you would like to help keep the price low, consider paying extra to help those who can't.

Buy Digital Album via 


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The Best Whiffenpoofs Ever! (2010)

Teaming up with a cappella guru Ed Boyer, the Whiffenpoofs of 2010 bring you this bright, exciting new album. With 10 BRAND NEW arrangements, as well as a handful of old Whiff favorites, this album marks the start of a new age in Whiffenpoofdom. Bring on the second century!
USD 20

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A Very Whiffenpoofs Christmas

The Holly and the Ivy League come together in this magical holiday compilation. The Whiffenpoofs present some of the most beloved Christmas carols of all time in what is sure to be the stocking stuffer of the season. 
USD 20

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Century (2009)

Released to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Whiffenpoofs, Century contains a mix of new arrangements and standards the group has been singing since its founding in 1909. Produced and engineered by multi Grammy Award winners Steve Barnett and Preston Smith, Century is a truly special tribute to the group's Centennial Year. 

Please note that shipping time for Century is 2-3 weeks, as discs are currently being manufactured.

USD 20

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We Meet Again Tonight (2008)

Produced in 2008, We Meet Again Tonight is a celebration of the Whiffenpoof tradition of meeting for song and revelry at Mory's each Monday night. The twenty-one song album contains Whiffenpoof favorites such as 'MacNamara's Band' and 'I'll Be Seeing You' alongside four never-before-recorded arrangements.
USD 20

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Whiffs in Space! (2007)

With Whiffs in Space, the future is now. Making use of the best modern recording techniques, this 2007 album propelled the Whiffenpoofs into a new millenium of a cappella music.
USD 20

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The Whiffenpoofs in the Studio (2006)

Recorded live in the studio, this 2006 album brings back such Whiff classics as "Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair" and "Is This Any Way to Fall in Love". The album gives listeners a look not only into the group's musicality, but also into its unique personality.
USD 20

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Songs of Yale (2006)

This special edition album celebrates Yale and her traditions in the best way the Whiffenpoofs know how. Containing such Yale classics as "Bright College Years", "Wake, Freshman, Wake", and "The Whiffenpoof Song", Songs of Yale is a must-have for any Yalie or fan of the Whiffs.
USD 20

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Dragonfish (2005)

Taking its name from the mythical beast that inspired the Whiffenpoof, Dragonfish marks the group's return to its mysterious beginnings.
USD 20

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Subtly Different (2004)

As its title suggests, 2004's Subtly Different is a refreshingly creative tour through the Whiffenpoofs' repertoire. Perhaps the least subtle difference is the secret 21st track.
USD 20

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