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America's Oldest Collegiate A cappella Group

Every year, the most talented senior Yale students are selected to be in the Whiffenpoofs, the world's oldest and best known collegiate a cappella group. Founded in 1909, the “Whiffs” began as a senior quartet that met for weekly concerts at Mory’s Temple Bar, the famous Yale tavern. Today, the group has become one of Yale’s most celebrated traditions, with over a century of musical excellence. 



Our history

The Whiffenpoofs have over a century of storied history. Our story begins around a small table at a tavern in New Haven. 

 Our Singers

Meet our fourteen singers, who come to the Whiffenpoofs from around the country to create a seamless ensemble.

Our Board

Our mission of performing, educating, commissioning and recording is safeguarded by our Board of Trustees who faithfully  support and govern our 501(c)(3) non profit. 




The Whiffenpoofs have just finished their whirlwind Spring Tour, which took the group to Peru, Chile, Argentina, Florida, China, and Hong Kong.

In the coming months, the Whiffenpoofs will go on a world tour which will take us to 19 different countries. Come see us for our various public performances in each country!

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May 29 - June 1: Paris, France

June 1 - June 3: Bergen, Norway

June 3 - June 5: London, England

June 5 - June 8: Dublin and Galway, Ireland

June 8 - June 11: Geneva, Switzerland

June 11 - June 16: Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel

June 16 - June 20: Athens, Greece

June 20 - June 23: Dubrovnik, Croatia

July 23 - June 25: Barcelona, Spain

June 25 - June 28: Fez, Morocco


July 5  - July 8: Rome, Italy

July 8 - July 14: Accra and Kumasi, Ghana

July 15 - Nairobi, Kenya

July 15 - July 18: Cape Town, South Africa

July 19 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

July 20 - July 26: Osaka and Tokyo, Japan

July 26 - July 29: Bangkok, Thailand

July 29 - August 2: New Delhi and Kerala, India

August 2 - August 5: Singapore

August 5 - August 8: Sydney, Australia

August 8 - August 11: Queenstown, New Zealand





With years of experience in vocal performance on the highest level, the Whiffenpoofs can bring a distinctive touch for any occasion. For more information, contact Nick Massoud at business@whiffenpoofs.com, or by phone at +1 (203) 247-2164.