Announcing Concerts in Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, and Idaho

The Whiffenpoofs will be traveling to the Midwest in mid-October. We are pleased to announce the following concert dates:


Saturday, Oct. 7th: Zion Lutheran Church, Clinton, IA. Tickets

Sunday, Oct. 8th: The Adler Theater, Davenport, IA. Tickets

Thursday, Oct. 12th: The Woman's Athletic Club, Chicago, IL. Tickets

Friday, Oct. 13th: Minooka Community High School, Minooka, IL Tickets

Sunday, Oct. 15th: The People's Church, East Lansing, MI. Tickets

Monday, Oct. 16th: First Congregational Church, Ann Arbor, MI Tickets


World Tour 2017!

The Whiffs of 2017 have embarked on their 90-day, 22-country World Tour!

Here's where we'll be on our adventure! For concert information, see our Performances tab!

June 1 - June 4: Bergen, Norway
June 4 - June 9: Galway and Dublin, Ireland
June 9 - June 15: Berlin and Bavaria, Germany
June 15 - June 18: Prague, Czech Republic
June 18 - June 21: Athens, Greece
June 21 - June 23: Dubrovnik, Croatia
June 24 - June 27: Fez, Morocco
June 27 - July 4: Break
July 4 - July 7 - Florence, Tuscany & Milan, Italy
July 8 - July 11: Zanzibar, Tanzania
July 11 - July 15: Cape Town, South Africa
July 15 - July 18: Kruger National Park, South Africa
July 19 - July 20: Petra, Jordan 
July 20 - July 24: Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel 
July 25 - July 30: Tokyo, Japan
July 30 - August 2: Hong Kong
August 2 - August 5: Bangkok, Thailand
August 5 - August 8: Ko Tao, Thailand
August 9 - August 10: Siem Reap, Cambodia
August 11 - August 13: Bali, Indonesia
August 14 - August 17: Queenstown, New Zealand
August 17 - August 21: Sydney, Australia


Announcing "On the Bumpy Road"!

The Whiffenpoofs of 2017 are thrilled to present our new studio album, "On the Bumpy Road"!


For shipped physical copies, please email for more information.


On this album, we debut 7 arrangements and 2 original songs, while reviving forgotten classics of the repertoire and maintaining the tradition of some of the group's most treasured arrangements. The music of "On the Bumpy Road" spans many genres, ranging from jazz to pop to musical theatre, featuring classics such as "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" and "They Can't Take That Away From Me" alongside brand new music, including two original compositions by members of The Whiffs of 2017: "I'm Ready Now" (Solon Snider) and "What Did I Say?" (Trey Pernell). In "On the Bumpy Road," The Whiffs maintain the group's classic sound while pushing its repertoire in bold new directions. Enjoy!


The Whiffenpoofs in Anchorage, Alaska!

We are so excited to be heading to our final hometown of the year: Anchorage, AK, home of Michael Tappel!

May 25th - 7:00pm -- Tickets are available here!

UPDATE (5/24): We expect this concert will soon sell out. To ensure a seat at the concert, please purchase your tickets online at the above link, or aim to arrive at St. Patrick's at least 30 mins early.

Announcing the final spring 2017 concerts

Make sure to catch the Whiffenpoofs of 2017 in concert this spring before they depart for their World Travels on May 24th. Upon their return in August they will pass the group on to the Whiffenpoofs of 2018! 

For more information on these concerts, please click here


April 19th, 9:00pm: New Haven, CT; Whiffenpoof Jam, Branford College Dining Hall

April 21st, 6:00pm: Chicago, IL; Women's Athletic Club, Tickets here.

May 7th, 7:00pm: Barrington, RI; Tickets here

May 21st, 8:00pm: New Haven, CT; Tickets here


Stay tuned for the release of our brand new album in early May!

Spring Tour 2017

On the road again!

The Whiffenpoofs of 2017 are about to begin a 37-day, 2-continent Spring Tour!
You can find our public concert schedule listed on the Performances tab!

March 11th, 7:30pm in San Francisco, CA. Tickets here

March 12th, 2:00pm in Carmel, CA. Tickets here

March 13th, 7:30pm in Pasadena, CA. Tickets here

West Palm Beach, FL (March 16-19)

Orlando, FL (March 20 - 21)

Miami, FL (March 22 - 24)

Lima, Peru (March 25)

Cusco, Peru (March 26)

Machu Picchu, Peru (March 27)

Santiago, Chile (March 28-30)

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile (March 31-April 3)

Buenos Aires, Argentina (April 4-6)

World Tour 2017 Locations

The Whiffenpoofs will be leaving for their World Tour on May 24th, and will be returning to the United States on August 21st. The group schedule is below, and performances on the tour that are open to the public will be posted on the Performances tab of the website.

  • May 24-29: Anchorage, Alaska
  • May 30 - June 1: Reykjavik, Iceland
  • June 1-4: Bergen, Norway
  • June 4-9: Ireland
  • June 9-12: Berlin, Germany
  • June 13-15: Frankfurt/Bavaria, Germany
  • June 16-17: Prague, Czech Republic
  • June 18-20: Athens. Greece
  • June 21-23: Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • June 24-27: Fez, Morocco
  • --Break--
  • July 4-7: Italy
  • July 8-11: Zanzibar, Tanzania
  • July 12-18: South Africa
  • July 19-24: Israel & Amman, Jordan
  • July 25-30: Japan
  • July 30 - August 1: Hong Kong
  • August 2-5: Bangkok, Thailand
  • DATES TBA: Koh Tao, Thailand; Siem Reap, Cambodia; Bali, Indonesia; Sydney, Australia; Queenstown, New Zealand

Announcing Winter Whiffenpoof Concerts!

The Whiffenpoofs are excited to announce our winter public concerts! Like our facebook page for the latest updates. If you would like to book the Whiffenpoofs for an event or have any questions, please contact Seth McNay by email at, or by phone at 617.717.8420. 

  • Telluride, CO; January 5th: 7:00pm at the Sheridan Opera House. Tickets available here
  • Denver, CO; January 7th: 2:00pm and 7:30pm performances at the Newman Center for performing arts. Click here for tickets. 
  • Santa Fe, NM; January 12th: 7:00pm at the IHM Retreat Center, tickets available here and at the door. 
  • Dallas, TX; January 15th: 7:00pm at the Wilshire Baptist Church. Click here for tickets.
  • Brattleboro, VT; February 4th: 7:30pm at the Latchis Theater.  Click here for tickets.  
  • Millburn, NJ; February 10th: 7:30pm at Millburn High School. Click here for tickets. 
  • Philadelphia, PA; March 2nd: 7:00pm at Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel. 100% proceeds will be donated to summer camp for underprivileged children. Tickets and details are available here

Please let us know if you have any questions and check back in regularly for the latest updates. Happy holidays!