And we're off!

The Whiffenpoofs of 2013 have left on their annual World Tour, this time traveling in an easterly direction. Follow our epic 86-day, 25-nation tour on facebook and/or twitter. If you're missing us too much, buy our new album, Flight of the Penguins. We'll see you in the fall when we're back in the States, and catch us at one of our tour stops by looking at our full tour itinerary below:
World Tour:
Rejkjavik, Iceland: May 22-24
Bergen, Norway: May 24-27
London, England: May 27-29
Amsterdam, Netherlands: May 29-June 1
Berlin, Germany: June 1-3
Dubrovnik, Croatia: June 3-5
Paris, France: June 5-8
Le Mans, France: June 8-10
Geneva, Switzerland: June 10-13
Rome, Italy: June 13-17
Tel Aviv, Israel: June 17-20
Jerusalem, Israel: June 20-22
Amman, Jordan: June 22-23
Cairo, Egypt: June 23-24
Athens, Greece: June 24-June 26
World Tour "Break": June 26 to July 1
Istanbul, Turkey: July 1-3
Dubai, UAE: July 3-5
Nairobi, Kenya: July 5-8
the Masai Mara, Kenya: July 8-11
Antananarivo, Madagascar: July 11-14
Cape Town, South Africa: July 14-18
Bangkok, Thailand: July 18-22
Siem Reap, Cambodia: July 22-25
Tokyo, Japan: July 25-August 1
Singapore: August 1-3
Bali (Denpasar), Indonesia: August 3-7
Melbourne, Australia: August 7-11
Queenstown, New Zealand: August 11-14
Auckland, New Zealand: August 14-16