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Vietnam at 50 at the Yale University Art Gallery

In The Vietnam War at 50, John Monsky, B.A. 1981, is joined by four Broadway singers, a six- piece band, and the Whiffenpoofs to create a multimedia, TED-like talk featuring the spoken word and song.  Images and film clips from the war are punctuated with classic songs from the era and the Whiffenpoofs bring the war at home into focus with their renditions of politically infused tunes from the 1960s. This production comes to the Gallery from the New York Historical Society, and will appear next at Carnegie Hall, in New York. For students the performance will be followed by a reception where the Broadway singers (shows include Spider Man, Spongebob Squarepants, Cats, School of Rock) and the director and producers will be available to talk with students about their careers and discuss the genesis and development of live performance."

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